He’s collaborated with, and performed alongside the best names in the country, been featured in everything from his local newspaper to HipHop Connection magazine, received praise for his music from BBC Radio, won the UK Takeover Battle Championships, won the Don't Flop Times Change Tournament, and gained a reputation for his cocky approach, quick wit & intricate rhyme schemes.  His battles alone have grossed over a million views online...

Writing since the age of 10, recording over Coolio's ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ instrumental on a tape deck in his bedroom, rap music has been flowing through Chris’ veins for years.

In the early noughties, Chris was releasing CD’s locally with his group Gouki Productions, gaining a reputation for wrecking microphones in his home tome of Macclesfield, as well as the rest of the North West of England.

After a number of years, the group disbanded, and Chris began working with fellow Maxonian Beit Nun. Upon recording a couple of songs, the pair formed the group Four-Max, alongside vocalist Jane Ellis, and long-term friend DJ Benny E in 2009. After only a couple of local shows, Four-Max attracted a lot of attention, drawing large crowds as well as media interest. Unfortunately, the group separated due to personal reasons, and their album will never be heard.
Although expressing his dislike for the current ‘written’ trend ever occurring in the UK & overseas, Chris thoroughly enjoys the competitive element of rap battling, and can occasionally be seen exchanging verses in the UK’s biggest battle league: Don’t Flop.  In 2008, he won the UK Takeover Battle Championship, cementing himself as a force to be reckoned with.  Between 2006-2009 he also gained himself notable semi-final positions in competitions such as JumpOff & BattleScars.

Chris signed to independent label Innit Records in 2010. The first release he was involved in was the self-titled LP from his other group ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’. Handling all the production himself, the concept album saw Chris & fellow Gouki Productions member R.O.B trading bars of pure filth over a backdrop of bouncy, sample-heavy beats.  Described as ready to ‘burn brains with pornographic disorder', the release gathered praise from all angles, including poet, novelist & playwright Benjamin Zephaniah.
November 2011 saw the release of Mr Leese’s debut solo album; ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, which earned him a small following in the underground UK HipHop scene and saw him perform regularly up and down the country.

In 2012 Chris Leese climbed up the rankings within the UK & the international battle scene. Flying to Canada to battle in the worlds biggest rap league, King of the Dot, Chris obliterated Toronto native Tricky P and left fans all over the globe wanting more of his jokey yet distinctly accurate and articulate style.

In 2013, Mr Leese was put forward as a challenger for the Don't Flop Title against the current champion Tony D.  In one of the most debatable decisions of all time, Chris lost the battle and decided to focus on the music side of things for a short while.
With the odd battle here and there in 2014, Chris worked on a collaboration project with Blackpool-based rapper Jay Madden called ‘White Noise', and another collaboration with a live band – 'The Loose Women EP'.

‘The Loose Women EP’ was released in July 2014.  With only four tracks, the EP was accompanied by two music videos.  Displaying a different side to Mr Leese, the release saw him spinning yarns over some slamming guitar riffs. 

In early 2015, Chris Leese & Jay Madden dropped ‘White Noise’ - their joint LP.  With brilliant reviews, the pair smashed down stages, and even supported the likes of Tim Westwood & Dappy from N-Dubz.
Having enjoyed the collaborative side of things, Chris then started working with Macclesfield singer Oli Frost.  The pair have known each other since primary school, and were even on the same football team.  Frost worked as a self employed musician, and the pair started crafting a few songs - 'The Landline', an ode to the 1990’s, is set to be released late summer/early Autumn, with the follow up single ‘Tattoos & Trainers’ expected November 2015.

Midway through 2015, Chris battled the latest UK Champion, Soul. Most people had Chris winning two rounds to one, but due to the battle being unjudged, the winner will always be debated.

Chris has also just announced that he has started work on his second solo album, which he has promised will be a complete opposite to his debut 'Everybody Hates Chris'.  Watch this space for more information